Pato Font

Name:Pato Font
Training site:Lake Cresent and Lake Hancock Florida
Coach:My father Sergio
Favourite boat:Nautique Ski
Favourte skier:

National titles/achievements:
World record Holder in U17 and U21 Tricks

International titles/achievements:
US Masters, Moomba Masters, Open Trick Champion

Tell us something about yourself:
The World Titles in Malaysia where I managed to win the open trick event.
I love to ski at all the major events around the world and in my home country of Mexico.
I currently attend Windermere Perp school completing my senior year.
My favorite event is US Masters and Moomba Masters
I started skiing very young with my family in Mexico.
My goals would be to break the World Trick record and win the next World titles

Josh Briant

Name:Josh Briant
Training site:Max Kirwin Lake Mulwala & Lake Hancock Florida
Coach:immy Siemers and my family
Favourite boat:Nautique Ski
Favourte skier:Still to be decided

National titles/achievements:
Australian record Holder in U10, U14, U17, U21 and Open. Tricks, Record Holder for U14, U17, U21 and Open Overall

International titles/achievements:
Moomba Masters, Open Trick Champion, U17 Trick and Overall Gold, U21 Trick and Overall, University Trick Champion, World games Open Trick Champion.

Tell us something about yourself:
My best water ski experience would have to be my first world titles in U17 Trick and Overall in 2012
I love to ski at Mulwala on the twin lakes with my family and Lake Hancock in Florida with the Garcia family.

I am currently completing my Masters Degree in Commercial Real estate and development.
I am not really sure who is my best fan, I have never really thought about it.

Being Australian, I would have to say my favorite event is Moomba Masters, followed closely by the US Masters
I started skiing just under a year old on am little pair of wooden skis tied together next to the boat.

My personal goals in the short term is get back into skiing and training after an injury recovery over the last 2 years. I am just loving getting back behind the Nautique boat and doing what I love

Alex Samoilov

Name:Alex Samoilov
Date of birth:8 september 2002
Jump:61.3 meters
Training site:Ukraine, Dnipro. Dnipro river
Coach:Yurii Yeremieiev
Favourite boat:Ski Nautique 2020
Favourte skier:Sonya Maksimeknova

National titles/achievements:
Open National record holder in slalom/ 15x National Champ

International titles/achievements:
2x Junior World Champ/2x u21 World bronze medalist/ 8x European Junior Champion/3x u21 European Vice-Champion/ u17 European Overall record holder/ u14 European Trick record holder/ Youngest athlete to jump 201ft

Tell us something about yourself:

What is your best waterski experience ?
I still remember the day when I became the World Champion, then my dream came true and these emotions were indescribable.

Where do you like to ski?
In summer time at home – Sentosa Waterski club.

What school do you do?
I`m doing last year in high school.

Where do you train, besides at your own skiclub?
In winter and spring time I ski at Jack Travers Sunset Lakes.

Who is your greatest fan?
My darling girlfriend ^^.

What’s your favourite event you ever went to?
2019 Worlds U21 in Canada.

What is your favourite food?
Ukrainian and Italian national food.

What do you do in winter to stay fit?
Often I’m doing gym and sometimes I skiing in specially equipped swimming pool.

When did you start skiing?
At 6 years old.

What are your personal goals for this year?
Become European Champion U21 and to show my best result at University Worlds.

Arianna Sacco

Date of Birth:January 6th 2003 - Italy

Slalom: 2.00/55/12
Tricks: 5140
Jump: 32.5m
Training site: Nicoletti lake
Coach:Anatoli Menshikov
Favourite boat:Ski Nautique 200
Favourite skier: Thomas Degasperi

National titles/achievements:
3 gold medals in slalom, 4 gold medals in trick, 2 gold medals in jump, 3 gold medals in overall, 2 silver medals in slalom, 1 silver medal in tricks, 3 silver medals in jump, 2 silver medals in overall. 2 absolute silver medals in overall, 1 absolute bronze medal in slalom, 2 absolute bronze medals in tricks and 1 absolute bronze medal in overall.

International titles/achievements:
1 european silver medal in slalom (2017), 2 european team silver medals

Tell us something about yourself:
I was born in Enna in Sicily and I have lived here since birth. I am attending the fourth year in High schools: Liceo scientifico with a curricular concentration on sports in Enna. My favorite food is Arancino, that is a typical sicilian food. My hobbies: listen to music, dance. Other favourite sports: swimming, roller-blading, sailing, canoing.

I started skiing in 2006 when I was 3 encouraged by my grandfather Vittorio and my father Giovanni. I have skied with dedication for several years and in 2012 I was recruited by the Italian national team and I have since participated in international competition, slalom, tricks and jumping always rencking among the best athletes.

The most exciting experience is winning the silver medal at the European championships in Sesena

During the winter months I train about 5 times a week, followed by my coach Anatoli.

My favorite event is junior world championship in 2018 in Sesena.

This year I’d like to go to Florida for the junior world championship, not only to do an amazing experience but because this is my last year under 17.

Jacinta carroll

Training site:Marshals Lagoon QLD
Coach:Ray Stokes & Curtis Sheers
Favourite boat:Nautique Ski
Favourte skier:Deena Mapple

National titles/achievements:
Still counting

International titles/achievements:
35 straight professional Jump Titles

Tell us something about yourself:
I have 2 chosen sports, 1 being water skiing and the other Weight lifting.
I am have a full time job as Physical Therapist and am in the process of studying for my Masters Degree.
I try to juggle my training around what events are coming up and my study. My biggest fan would have to be my Mum. Moomba Masters has to be my all time favorite event
My favorite food would have to be Mexican. I started skiing when I was 3 years old

In winter I work on my weight lifting, this keeps me driven and fit.

My personal goal is to be the first woman to jump 200 feet

Nicholas Benatti

Name:nicholas benatti
Jump:i dont’ remember, something like 37/38 m
Training site:Waterski san gervasio
Coach:Claudio Benatti
Favourite boat:Malibu
Favourte skier:Nicolas Le forestier

National titles/achievements:
5 times Italian trick champion 1 time Italian slalom champion 2019

International titles/achievements:
2nd place world games cali, 4 th place European tricks championship, 10th place world championship tricks, 3rd place tricks pro tour Schiedam, 2nd place- slalom- Mediterranean beach games 2019

Tell us something about yourself:
My best waterski experience was in Cali, it was my first year open and my first international open competition and I ended up with a 2nd place.
I loved to ski in S.polo Brescia, it was my first ski school, a piece of my life, unfortunately now the school is closed, but I’m happy to be in Waterski San Gervasio (Brescia) right now.

My greatest fan is Stefi, my girlfriend.

I graduated in sport science in 2019.

When I don’t ski at home I train myself in Recetto (Novara), where there is the Italian team.

My favorite event is SAN GERVASIO PRO AM.

In the winter time I play soccer and I train myself in the gym with weights or free body.

My favorite food is pizza, for sure. Italian style.

I started skiing when I was 6.

My personal goals are: reach 11000 points and run 10.75 more often then last year and maybe do both in finals at the Europeans would be great 😉

Eva van Bergen

Name: Eva van Bergen
PB: Slalom: 1,5@12/55

Training site: Paterswoldsemeer, Groningen (WSCP)

Coach: Ard van Bergen, Xavi Mill, Vincent Soubiron and Antony Ahnine.

Favourite boat: Ski Nautique

Favourte skier: My dad; Ard van Bergen, Regina Jaquess and Brooke Baldwin

National titles/achievements: 
2 x National champ slalom under 14 (2017 and 2018)
National slalom record U14 (2018)
National slalom record U17 (2020)

International titles/achievements:
Shared third place European Youth Championships U14 girls slalom (2019)

Tell us something about yourself:
I love music: singing and playing piano. Besides waterskiing i enjoy going to the gym and i like playing field hockey. My favorite animal is a dog.

What is your best waterski experience?
 The European youth championships are always so fun! I also loved my first junior worlds back in 2018, i met so many new people there!
Where do you like to ski?
 The first time i ever tried waterskiing was at Xavi Mill’s in Spain so that makes it kind of a special place to me. I also really enjoy skiing in France and Sesena!

What school do you do? 
So with the Dutch school system i’m in my fourth year of high school and i do VWO, which is six years long. It’s kind of the same as sophomore year at high school in the USA!
Where do you train, besides at your own skiclub?
 At the Red Lake in Handel, which is in the south of the Netherlands. Vinneys ski school in Toulouse, Magic lakes in Fontainebleau and Xavi Mills.
Who is your greatest fan?
 Definitely my parents, sister and my grandma! They are my biggest supporters:)

What’s your favourite event you ever went to?
Probably the Junior Worlds in Sesena 2018.

What is your favourite food?
 I really love fruits i can always eat them but my favorite food is definitely pizza.

What do you do in winter to stay fit?
 In the winter i spend a lot of time in the gym and i also run besides that! Sometimes i play field hockey in the winter seasons.

When did you start skiing?
 When i was like 6 years old. After i got my swimming certificate my dad took me skiing!

What are your personal goals for this year and next year?
 My goal would be to keep enjoy skiing as much as i do now and keep improving. I would also love to get a medal at the Europeans!

Ryan Burns

Name:Ryan Burns
Slalom: 2/58/10.75 (practice)
Tricks:5130 points
Training site: Mulwala waterski park
Coach:Jimmy Siemers/Wayne Briant
Favourite boat: Ski Nautique
Favourte skier: Josh Briant/Jimmy Siemers

National titles/achievements:
2015 U/17 Boys jump champion

International titles/achievements:
2019&20 Aussie/Kiwi trick and overall champion
2019 Aussie Kiwi Slalom champion
2x Moomba Night jump champion
2020 Moomba jump finalist

Tell us something about yourself:
Best water ski experience would be either Captaining Australia twice to victory over New Zealand or Skiing on Moomba Monday.
In winter I stay fit by going to the gym as well as playing Australian rules Football. My greatest fans are either my whole family or my girlfriend Chelsea, they all play a huge part in my skiing career and love sharing the ride with all of them.

My goals for next season is to jump 200ft, make another Moomba Monday and most of all, have fun and enjoy the season.

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